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Adult learners know they need more education to succeed in a fast-changing workplace. Understanding their attitudes and motivations can help you build programs to meet their needs, and extend your success in this increasingly important higher education market segment.

In our new report Sharpening their skills for the workplace: why today's adult learner is adding to their toolkit, we talked to over 1600 adults aged 25–64 who are pursuing or planning continuing education. If you’re involved in making sure adults get the education they’re looking for, you’ll find this data invaluable.

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Key findings

  • 72% say they'll need more education in the next 5 years to keep up — and over 2/3 of these expect to pursue a degree or certificate
  • 51% expect to change fields
  • 46% cite “improving earning potential” as their primary reason to get more education
  • 92% say online programs and courses offer more flexibility than in-classroom options
  • 66% believe online offerings are as prestigious as in-classroom options
  • 80% say cost stands in their way — but the same number cite limited availability of classes fitting their schedules

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